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Our mission is to supercharge your digital presence and streamline your operations

At DIGIPIV, we are your experts in seamless digital solutions. We specialize in crafting time-saving and automated digital journeys for businesses just like yours.

Whether you’re a startup exploring digital tools for the first time or an established business aiming for complete company-wide digitisation, we’re here to drive your digital success.

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Why Our Clients Choose To Work With Us

Continuous Support

Unparalleled, worldwide assistance, ensuring your success journey is supported at every step.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the brilliance of our mentors, empowering you to navigate digital landscapes with confidence and efficiency.

Limitless Success

No boundaries to your achievements. Gain the confidence to showcase your business proudly, inspired by our limitless approach to success.

Personalized Confidence

Boost your confidence in the digital realm, with tailored coaching that transforms your concerns into our shared victories.

Efficiency Empowerment

Elevate your efficiency in managing digital platforms. Our coaching ensures you confidently and seamlessly navigate the complexities of online tools.

Creative Impact

Experience a professional who is not only knowledgeable but also friendly and creative. Witness the positive impact on your business that lasts a lifetime.

Client Stories, Our Success

I have been doing the coaching sessions with Daniel from DIGIPIV since 2020, and it has been an awesome experience. He is a brilliant coach & mentor. He has opened my eye’s to a whole new world of marketing & the tools available to me. DIGIPIV is always there for me. They don’t just give a session & it’s done. They are there for us day & night, to answer questions or assist in any way possible.

My concerns are their concerns when it comes to our website & other marketing platforms. They encourage me & have taught me that there are no limits to the success that can be reached.

They have given us the confidence to put our company out there and be proud of the content that they so often inspire. Furthermore, they are consummate professionals and their knowledge & expertise knows no bounds.

Nancy Beukes

Sales & Marketing Manager, Protea Turf Equipment

“Dan from DIGIPIV has been a great asset to our team. His guidance and coaching have significantly improved our understanding and management of our website, Active Campaign, Google Ads, social media and the like. We are able to navigate and maintain these platforms with much more confidence and efficiency, all thanks to his expert assistance.”

Charleen Van Blerk

Business Manager, The Phone Mast Advice Company

“It’s a real pleasure working with such a professional as Daniel! I’ve learned so much from him and the fact that he is so friendly, creative and with so much knowledge willing to give is truly amazing! Daniel made a huge impact on our branding, and we will always be thankful for that! Don’t miss the opportunity to book a meeting with him! I guarantee you will be completely satisfied!”

Snejina Velinova

Marketing Manager, Top Skills Recruitment

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