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Unlock Your Business Potential with DigiTips

Tailored Business Coaching for Solopreneurs and Teams, Guiding Growth, Strategies, and Success.

Welcome to the DigiTips Coaching Program

Your passport to business growth and transformation.

Our subscription-based program is designed to empower both solopreneurs and established businesses with valuable insights and personalized guidance. Whether you’re a startup aiming to conquer new frontiers or an established team seeking targeted solutions, DigiTips offers two tiers tailored to your needs. Dive into dynamic live workshops that cover crucial aspects of business, or opt for private one-to-one consulting to elevate your team’s potential. Embrace the journey towards success with DigiTips, where every session propels you closer to your goals.

Who is DigiTips For?

Solopreneurs and Startups

Seeking expert guidance and strategies to kickstart and scale their ventures.

  • "I need expert insights to jumpstart my business, but budget and resources are limited."

  • "Navigating business challenges alone is overwhelming; I lack a support network."

  • "Staying updated on digital trends and strategies is a struggle, hindering my growth potential."

Established Businesses

Whose teams need personalized solutions for overcoming challenges and driving growth.
  • "Our team requires personalized solutions, and external expertise is essential."

  • "Managing growth complexities and internal alignment is becoming increasingly challenging."

  • "Stagnation is looming; we need fresh strategies to innovate and outpace competitors."

I have been doing the coaching sessions with Daniel from DIGIPIV since 2020, and it has been an awesome experience. He is a brilliant coach & mentor. He has opened my eye’s to a whole new world of marketing & the tools available to me. DIGIPIV is always there for me. They don’t just give a session & it’s done. They are there for us day & night, to answer questions or assist in any way possible.

My concerns are their concerns when it comes to our website & other marketing platforms. They encourage me & have taught me that there are no limits to the success that can be reached.

They have given us the confidence to put our company out there and be proud of the content that they so often inspire. Furthermore, they are consummate professionals and their knowledge & expertise knows no bounds.

Nancy Beukes

Sales & Marketing Manager, Protea Turf Equipment

DigiTips – Startup

Fueling Solopreneurs and Startups

  • N

    Live online workshops twice a month

  • N

    Group coaching on diverse business topics

  • N

    Insights on finance, digital marketing, strategy, and more

Daniel dos Reis working at his MacBookPro laptop

DigiTips – Business

Tailored Success for Established Teams

  • N

    Private one-to-one consulting and support

  • N

    Customized solutions for internal teams

  • N

    Problem-solving, strategy development, and growth implementation

Marketing Coaching

I highly recommend DIGIPIV for their excellent service and professionalism. Their hands-on approach to the world of sales, marketing and business skills is commendable. Great team to work with. DIGIPIV has helped me with my sales, marketing and building  stronger customer relationships.

Tracy Daniel

Sales Executive, National Packaging Systems

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Unlock Your Digital Success Today with DigiTips!

Take your business to the next level with DigiTips!


Fueling Solopreneurs and Startups

47 €

per month

✅ Live Online Workshops

❌ Private 1:1 Coaching

✅ Monthly Q&A Session

✅ Private Community

✅ Networking Opportunities

✅ Templates & Tools

❌ Email Support

Private WhatsApp Group


Tailored Support for Established Teams

475 €

per month

✅ DigiTips Startup Access

✅ Private 1:1 Coaching

✅ Monthly Q&A Session

✅ Private Community

✅ Networking Opportunities

✅ Templates & Tools

✅ Email Support

✅ Private WhatsApp Group

What does DigiTips cover?

  • N

    Business growth strategies

  • N

    Sales techniques

  • N

    Customer experience

  • N

    Email marketing

  • N

    Website design

  • N


  • N

    Managing a team

  • N

    Social media marketing

  • N

    Graphic design and video

  • N

    Project management

“DIGIPIV have been most helpful with improving our sales strategy and continue to do so. They are always available if needed.

Bob Thorne

Sales Executive, National Packaging Systems

“DIGIPIV has taught us some useful tools that help us with our company marketing.”

Megan Fourie

Marketing Intern, National Packaging Systems

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