Does your website have an up-to-date Privacy Policy?

If you have a website that sells products and services, collect users information via online contact forms or any other form of user analysis or data gathering, then you (or your business) is going to have to comply with data protection laws.

For example:

  • Companies located in the EU (or which has customers/subscribers in the EU), must comply with GDPR. (Mandatory since 25 May 2018)
  • Companies located in South Africa (or which has customers/subscribers in South Africa), must comply with POPIA. (Mandatory from today, 1 July 2021)
  • Companies located in the USA (or which has customers/subscribers in California, USA), must comply with CCPA. (Mandatory since 1 January 2020)

Not enforcing the correct data protection policies and leaking sensitive user/customer data, could mean penalties in the MILLIONS and possible jail time. This is no joke, ask your lawyer. I’m serious.

Anyway, I’m not a lawyer, but I do know that your website needs to update its privacy policy page accordingly with the correct data protection policy.

So here’s what I suggest you do:

  1. Call your lawyer (or a certified data protection officer) and ask them to draw up a privacy policy that will cover you and your business.
  2. If you want a free/cheap way of generating a privacy policy for your website, visit this website and purchase the one you need for your business.
  3. Update your privacy policy page on your website.
  4. Upload a cookie consent plugin on your website so users can agree to have their private data captured while visiting your website (user consent is a prerequisite by the way).

I suggest you do this today. You really don’t want to take the risk. If you are nervous about your website getting hacked and having sensitive user data leaked, you can also take out data protection insurance to help you in a time of crisis and with those VERY expensive penalties.

Also, don’t forget that I’m here if you need my help in uploading your new privacy policy page onto your website.

Here’s what I’ll do for you:

  • Create your new privacy policy page on your website
  • Upload your privacy policy content
  • Add a link to your website footer
  • Set up a cookie consent plugin on your website

If this sounds like what you need, complete the order form below.

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