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Our team of social media professionals set up your page, optimize it with your company logo, physical location, products/services, brand and colours. We’ll also help you connect your new social media page to your favourite social media management and scheduling tools.


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This is quite an investment you are about to make and we want to make sure we are on the same page. Our only focus is to deliver the same high-quality service we have delivered to all our other clients. Schedule a call to chat with us so we can see if this is the right solution for you.


Firstly, having a Facebook Business page is a must if you intend on doing any Facebook advertising in the future. A well-optimized Facebook Business page helps people discover your business and learn more about your product/service offering. It is also easy to chat with your audience and makes a fantastic tool to use as a customer service portal. A Facebook Business Page can also connect to your Instagram Business Page for synchronised activity between the two pages. A Facebook Business Page will allow you to list all your company details, products/services, share photos/videos, stream live video, gather polls and questionnaires and much more.


Instagram is still one of the most popular social media platforms today, with more and more active users every month. Both businesses and consumers are using Instagram daily to keep up with their friends and favourite brands. As a business, it is extremely easy to target customers on Instagram as well as sell products and events directly through the platform. It is the perfect platform to engage with followers, build visual marketing strategies and increase user-generated content.

Google Business

A Google Business listing allows your company to be discovered by new and current customers on Google search. Your listing gives you a profile on Google search and Google maps. This will allow your customers to easily find you, contact you, navigate to you and review you online either on a desktop or mobile device. A Google Business listing allows you to upload photos, videos, menus, products, services and special offers. If you have a physical location (or many locations), then having a Google Business listing is a must.


Linkedin is a cost-effective platform to engage with and grow a customer base. A LinkedIn Company page allows you to showcase your products and services, promote news, grow a following and monitor how others are talking about your company online. As one of the fastest-growing social platforms in the world, LinkedIn is a great platform to expand your market reach for companies that may have once relied on traditional marketing mediums.


Our SEO setup involves setting up the correct SEO plugin for your website, researching all the relevant keywords for your business and industry and optimizes your website pages with all the relevant metadata to increase conversions. Without good SEO, potential customers will struggle to find your website online and see your company as an authority online. It is not just about loading keywords into your website. SEO involves ensuring your website pages are optimized, keywords are loaded correctly, images and optimized, page speeds are enhanced and backlinks are healthy and relevant.


Twitter is a cost-effective platform to engage with and grow a customer base. As one of the leading social platforms in the world, Twitter is a great platform to expand your market reach and grow your business. Twitter allows you to grow your marketing strategy and audience by sharing updates about your company, industry news, and engage with your audience. Twitter has over 300 million active users and is still one of the leading social platforms.


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Custom page design, integrated brand identity, initial content uploaded, assistance with integration to your website and other platforms.


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