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We help pivot your business into the digital world by providing a website, strategies, systems and training that achieve profitable results.

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Hi, I’m Daniel dos Reis, founder of DIGIPIV. Marketing in today’s business environment is highly complex. DIGIPIV makes this easier by delivering strategies, training and advice so businesses can succeed online.

If you would like your business to succeed online we can help. Book a call with me, to see if we are a good fit for your business. I look forward to meeting with you soon.


Daniel dos Reis


Design Your Own WordPress Website

FREE GUIDE: 4-easy steps to design your own one-page website with WordPress. A step-by-step guide for those who aren't sure where to begin when taking their business online.

Get instant access to this FREE guide and additional training

Design Your Own One-Page WordPress Website In 4-Easy Steps

Our Unique Process


First, we work with you to define a marketing strategy that will help achieve your business objectives and generate the highest return on your investment.


Second, we build the tools required to implement the strategy and measure results. This includes performance tracking dashboards, tools, websites and templates.


Our marketing coaching supports your in-house team to succeed and grow. We up-skill your team giving them all the skills necessary to handle all marketing tasks in-house.

Our Services

Marketing Coaching

As business environments are constantly and rapidly changing, it is often difficult for teams to stay ahead of the curve. We at DIGIPIV provide one-to-one marketing coaching to up-skill your internal sales & marketing team coaching them on SEO, website maintenance, email marketing, social media success, and more.

DIGIPIV marketing coaching services
DIGIPIV web design services

Web Design

Does your business need a new website designed or to accept payments online? Our WordPress website design professionals have the perfect web design solution for you.

WordPress Training

Would you like to make your own changes or upgrades to your website? You don’t need to wait for your web designer anymore. We will train you to make changes to your own WordPress website.

What Our Clients Say

“DIGIPIV originally assisted us in upgrading our website and establishing as well as managing our social media pages. Having received only exceptional service from DIGIPIV up until this point, when they began offering marketing coaching we made the decision to allow them to train our employees to manage our marketing needs from within the business. DIGIPIV ensures that my marketing team receives adequate training and advice in order to manage all of my business’s marketing needs.”
Sean Kollnick

Director, Protea Turf Equipment

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