3 Easy steps to generate more website traffic and increase sales

The trick to generating website traffic and converting those users into sales is in listening and understanding. Understanding your customers, their motivations and drivers to purchase will guide you on what you need to do on your website to gain their attention. In this video, Daniel explains the 3 main stages of the customer purchasing journey and how to communicate effectively at each stage to generate the best results.

Do you want to increase sales? To do that, you need to increase your website traffic. 

But first, you need to understand your customer and their specific drivers at each stage of their decision-making cycle. Your website traffic will improve once you fully understand what motivates them to make a decision to buy, you should interact with your customer specifically for each moment in their buying journey. 

Typically there are 3-stages in a customers purchasing journey. You can think of it as a 3-stage funnel, where there is a top, middle and bottom of the funnel.  

The 3-stages to increase website traffic


Top-of-the-Funnel is the potential customers that determine your initial website traffic users are generally not ready to buy but offer the most opportunity. These users are actively exploring and looking to find a solution to their current problem. E.g. Mary’s oven in her kitchen at home keeps switching off. She starts searching for answers online and hopes to find content (maybe a blog article or video) that will provide some assistance in resolving her issue.  

The first step is to reach your T-O-T-F users. This includes implementing: 

  • SEO 
  • Video Marketing 
  • Content Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing 


Middle-of-the-Funnel users’ are usually just researching in more depth. At this stage users have found several products or services which solve their problem and they begin to compare brands.

E.g. Mary finds a blog on an appliance store’s website listing the 5 things she could investigate to solve the problem and fix her oven herself. She also watches the video provided, related to fixing her oven model which she finds extremely helpful. Mary then also provides her email address in exchange for a free holiday themed recipe book written by her favourite celebrity chef. 

In this stage users are ready to take more action. To reach your M-O-T-F users involves implementing: 

  • SEO 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Content Marketing 


Bottom-of-the-Funnel users have now gone through the entire journey and have selected you as the brand that best meets their needs. These users are now ready to buy your product or service, visit your location or call or email through an enquiry.

E.g. While reading the recipe book, Mary realises she has always wanted to make her own ice cream but does not have the correct equipment. After receiving an email from the appliance store with holidays specials on kitchen appliances, Mary acts and clicks the link to purchase a new ice-cream machine which is delivered to her door the next day. As a value-add, the delivery also comes with a free ice-cream recipe book and a discount voucher for Mary’s next purchase. Mary loves the customer experience and is so happy she came across this store in the first place. I wonder where she will be making her next home-appliance purchase.  

At this stage, a good mix of digital marketing and paid advertising is most effective in reaching the B-O-T-F users: 

  • SEO 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Paid Advertising and Remarketing 

So to wrap up.

The 3 steps to generate more website traffic and increase sales are by understanding your user’s behaviours and thought pattern at the Top, middle, and bottom of the funnel and then implementing: 

  1. SEO 
  2. Video marketing 
  3. Content marketing 
  4. Social media marketing 
  5. Email marketing 
  6. Paid advertising / remarketing 

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