3 things you can easily automate today to have more free time

Do you own a business and wish you had more time in a day? It’s possible to free up your time by leveraging the power of marketing automation. In this video, I’ll be sharing 3 things that you can automate to have more free time today.

Do you own a business and wish you had more time in a day? 

It’s possible to free up your time by leveraging the power of marketing automation. 

In this blog, I’ll be sharing 3 things you can easily start automating today to have more free time. Let’s get started! 

3 things you can automate to free up your time today

Customer Communication 

Emailing is still the number one form of communication between businesses and customers. But emailing each individual customer can take a lot of time. Often the actual content written in those emails is very similar if not the same to many customers.  

Active Campaign is the tool we use to automate our customer communication via email. The platform allows us to set start triggers. For example when a customer schedules a meeting with us, purchases a website design service from our website, or even downloads one of our free guides. 

The customer details are automatically added to our customer database, which triggers predefined emails specific to that customer. Each email starts by greeting them using their name and sending them one or multiple emails over time with the information they requested.  

Each time the customer opens reads or clicks a link in an email, it’s will automatically start a new automated series so that no one needs to spend any time sending customers emails for information they require. It is all handled automatically.  

Like that our sales team only needs to get involved when the customers want to discuss their specific projector requirements face-to-face. 

Meetings and Sales 

If you have ever used email to try to set up a meeting time where you and your potential customers are both available, you know it can take days before you finalize a date and time that suits everyone.  

We use Calendly to automate the meeting bookings with potential customers in under a minute. On our website, potential customers will find a schedule a call form that allows them to select their preferred day and time to chat over Zoom, as well as automatically invite other guests to the meeting as well. The list of available times is synchronized with our calendars so we never double-book a meeting. Additionally, the online booking will automatically set up a Zoom meeting, add the meeting to our calendars and email the Zoom meeting invite link to our team and to the customer. Something that usually takes hours or days to do, is handled automatically in under a minute.   

And speaking of sales, once a prospect is ready to buy, DIGIPIV customers can purchase any service we offer without any headaches.  

This is made possible through our website which is built on WordPress and uses the WooCommerce e-commerce plugin. Customers can easily select the service they wish to purchase, checkout using their preferred debit/credit card and receive an order confirmation/invoice to their email automatically. Additionally, if it is a monthly or yearly recurring service, the customer is automatically billed and charged each period without the need for anyone to check accounts or follow up with payments. This saves hours each month on account management.  You can check out the top plugins that we recommend for your WordPress website here.

Social Media 

This year we decided to deliver loads of content and extra value to our online audience on our social media platforms. Creating content is time-consuming already, so we wanted to take back the time spent by automating the scheduling and posting of our content. 

This is made possible by using the features of the Facebook Business Manager and Hootsuite app. Both of these applications allow us to upload our content and schedule it to post on a specific date and time in the future.  

This way, we can batch schedule all of our posts for the month on one day and never have to concern ourselves with posting on social media again.  

Do you automate any tasks?

Marketing automation is super powerful and there are literally thousands of ways you can automate your business tasks to free up your time.  

Which of the tasks I mentioned in this blog are you most excited about automating? Let me know in the comments below. 

Also, head over to our free website guide download page or schedule a call with us to chat about improving your business so you can succeed online and not get left behind.  

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