10 Best plugins to add to your WordPress website

If you have a WordPress website, you know that extending your website functionality with the right plugins can help make your online business a success. However, with thousands of plugins available, you can quickly become overwhelmed. In this video, Daniel shares the 10 plugins DIGIPIV uses most and that you need to improve your online business.

If you have a WordPress website you know that extending your website functionality with the right plugins can help make your online business a success.   

However, with thousands of plugins available, you can quickly become overwhelmed.  

The 10 plugins we love most and that you need to improve your online business

1. Forminator  

As a web designer, I constantly need to build all sorts of forms and Forminator is my favourite plugin for this.  

It’s easy to use, highly flexible and has all the different types of fields you need including file upload, captcha and endless design options. 

Its drag and drop form builder allows you to build contact forms, enquiry forms, login forms and more.  

You can even connect to Stripe and PayPal and receive payments directly through the forms you build. 

2. Rank Math 

By implementing SEO correctly, you can literally increase your website traffic for free. This sometimes complicated task is made easier by using the Rank Math plugin.  

Setup your overall website SEO, get recommendations on how to improve your on-page SEO, automatically send site map updates to search engines and correctly configure your page schema.  

All that these fancy words mean is that search engines like google and Bing, know what type of content you have on your website pages. So when people search on google, you get listed on the search results so they can find your website. Without doing SEO, it’s very difficult for people to find you at all.  

3. Divi Page Builder 

Building and designing pages, posts and landing pages quickly and beautifully is made possible with the easy to use drag and drop Divi page builder. It’s lightweight and highly flexible.  

Not only can you build beautifully modern web pages but they are made instantly mobile responsive so they look amazing on all devices. 

4. All In One WP Migration  

Keeping regular backups of your website is a must, and the All In One WP Migration plugin is by far the easiest backup plugin I’ve used.  

The bonus is that it makes migrating your website between domains a breeze too if you need that in your web design workflow. 

5. Smush 

Your website traffic and SEO will suffer if your website loads slowly. Many times this is due to image file sizes being too large. 

Smush helps you by reducing the image file sizes on your website without sacrificing image quality. Images are compressed in batches too saving you time. 

6. WooCommerce 

If you want to start selling physical or digital products and services online, WooCommerce is the tool you need. You can get started with the free version and start making money immediately. 

And if you’d like to sell memberships, time-based bookings, subscriptions, or more, just upgrade the WooCommerce features by purchasing an extension from their marketplace. 

7. WP Courseware 

If you have knowledge worth sharing online courses might be a business you want to go into. And to sell online courses we highly recommend WP Courseware as your plugin of choice. 

It’s one of the first plugins that came out for WordPress when online courses became super popular and still they are tough to beat.  

WP Courseware makes it easy to build and sell online courses and even create a quiz to test your students. 

8. WP Store Locator 

This powerful location plugin, allows you to set multiple physical locations on a map which users can then search for.  

This is great if you have a business with multiple stores, branches, rental units, or any other set of physical locations. 

9. Bloom 

Bloom is a super flexible email opt-in plugin that allows you to create pop-ups, fly-ins, widgets and other types of opt-in forms connected to your email marketing platform. 

Growing your email subscriber database is a must for every online business, and Bloom makes it easy to do and has beautiful templates to get you going quickly.  

10. Monarch 

If you’d like to increase your social media followers and engagement rates, implementing the Monarch plugin can help you do this directly from your website.  

Website visitors can now easily share and follow you from your pages and blog posts helping you grow your network and increase brand awareness. 

In conclusion

These are the plugins we use on almost every client website and our own. We also build our websites using the Divi theme, and all of the plugins I mentioned in this video are compatible with that theme too, so no extra headaches.  

If you want to learn more about Divi, you can check out our other blog The 3 best WordPress themes and why we choose Divi

If you need help choosing the perfect plugin for your specific needs, just let me know in the comments below. 

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