5 Reasons why you should be building your own website

Building your own website could be the perfect thing for you right now – whether you have a business, an idea, wanting to share your music or passions. A website is a unique way to connect to the world. Taking on the task of building your own website can seem like a brilliant idea. Instead of paying someone lots of money all you have to do is invest your own time into making one.

It’s time to go online, you know this, everyone is searching online and unless you appear in the searches you won’t be found. Although you have a social media page, a website is a fantastic way to promote yourself. It elevates your brand immediately because you are seen as professional and trustworthy online. But should you build your own website?

We would actually recommend NOT spending hundreds of Euros for your very first website, especially if you haven’t started running your business yet. While it’s a great goal to have someone professional design your website, hiring a big-budget web design and development team is just not always the best decision in the early days of your business.

Having a custom website built by professionals can be a mistake when you’re just starting out because…

  • You don’t really know enough about your ideal client or customer since you haven’t had much experience working with clients yet.
  • Maybe you haven’t totally figured out your product or service offerings so there is still a lot of moving parts to nail down.
  • You haven’t figured out what works or what doesn’t in terms of getting someone to book or buy from you.
  • You might not have the budget to be able to invest money into a custom design because you haven’t started selling products or booking clients for your services.
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Building your website is the number one thing we recommend to new business owners on a tight budget. It’s obviously budget-friendly for the cost-conscious and it gives you so much freedom, flexibility and ownership so you can continue to grow and change as you learn more about your business.

5 reasons why building your own website could be your next best move:

1. Building your own website will save you money:

It is cheaper and can fit into the budget of any new business. The best part is you’re getting your brand out there faster since you can quickly spin up the website you have designed in your mind.

2. Building your own website will help you launch faster:

Your website is your most crucial marketing tool, so the faster it’s up and live, the faster you can gain momentum in your business. This is not something you want to procrastinate on, so make the move now.

3. Building your own website will make you look professional:

With the power of Instagram and Facebook, anyone can say that they are a life coach or selling the next best consumer product. However, actually having a website helps you stand out from the hobbyists because you are taking your business seriously and establishing authority online.

4. Building your own website gives you flexibility:

In the early days, you are still finding your voice, your ideal audience, what makes you unique and so much more! The truth is, you are going to change your mind a few times, and DIYing gives you the budget, the freedom and agility to make those changes.

5. Building your own website will help you learn the website platform ins and outs:

When you build your site, you get to have total control. This means no waiting on a developer, emailing back and forth several times until the design aligns with your vision, or relying on someone else to make changes on the backend.

We have even designed a Free Build Your Own WordPress Website Guide, so help you set up and go live in just 30 days.

Have we convinced you yet? Seriously, don’t let the idea of building your own website intimidate you. Designing your own website is FUN and also pretty easy!

With our WordPress for beginners workshops, we’ll teach you how to use WordPress if you’re a total newbie and how to build a website from the ground up and make it look exactly how you want.

However, if you are just short on time and resources or just don’t really want to fuss with building your own website we are here for you!
Check out our website design packages or schedule a call with me to discuss the best way forward for you.

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