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The best 7 digital marketing myths get busted

by | 5 Mar 2021 | 0 comments

In this video, Daniel shares the top 7 digital marketing myths and how you can pivot your business to succeed online. Don’t let any of these fool you, not even for a second.

I don’t need to be online, I’m just a small business! 

I’m too busy for this online stuff! 

My business is based on referrals anyway! 

Let’s bust these Digital Marketing Myths

Digital Marketing Myth #1 Digital marketing is the answer to everything 

  • Yes it’s important, but it should be one part of the entire marketing strategy 
  • Needs to be part of the mix; traditional, event, outbound sales, customer service & retention, personal branding, physical interactions, etc. 
  • Some leads/prospects will explore you online to learn more about you, but they only convert into customers once they interact with you.  

Digital Marketing Myth #2 You don’t need content marketing 

  • Don’t think that once you build your website the job is done. If a user visits your site and all you have is a home, about, service and contact page, you aren’t going to see big results. 
  • You want visitors to stay on your website longer and return often. That is where content marketing comes in. Upload regular and engaging content that your visitors enjoy and can consume on your website. It helps you rank higher and gives you more credibility. 
  • Things like blog posts, articles, video interviews, tips and tricks, educational material, preparation guides, checklists, are examples of content that your visitors can consume regularly and share to grow your audience. 

Digital Marketing Myth #3 Having one social media profile is enough 

  • With all the platform options out there you can easily be overwhelmed. The goal is to discover which ones your target customers enjoy using and pick those create platforms on. Starting with selecting 2 to 3 platforms and create accounts on those. 
  • Each platform thrives on a certain type of content. Once you understand that, share your content in that format for each platform.  
  • You want your audience to always keep you in mind when they have a problem you can solve for them. By being on the platforms they are already on, you can achieve this quite easily and it makes it easier for them to reach out to you for help. 

Digital Marketing Myth #4 My competitors aren’t online, so I don’t need to be either 

  • If your competitors aren’t online and you are, you are already one step ahead of them. The internet has brought the world together. So even if you are a local business, you are competing with all the other businesses like yours around the world.  
  • Do a search for the types of products and services you offer on Google. All the results that show up and your direct or indirect competitors. You need to be amongst those to have a fighting chance of being seen by your potential customers. 
  • By not being online you are missing out on a world of new customers and honestly, you’re just leaving revenue on the table. 

Digital Marketing Myth #5 To make more sales I just need more traffic 

  • More traffic to your website is great, but if it’s not converting into something valuable for you, it’s useless. 
  • You want to turn that traffic into customers. That can be done by actually selling something online, or capturing their contact information so you can engage with them, nurture them and turn those leads into customers in the future. 
  • Make sure you implement things onto your website to this. If nothing else, at least give your website visitors a way to hand over their name and email address to you. I’m sure you can use that information to your benefit, can’t you? 

Digital Marketing Myth #6 Email isn’t that important 

  • Even with the rise of chat and other communication features inside social media platforms, email is still the best way to communicate with your customers.  
  • People are always checking their email inboxes, in the morning as they wake up, just before they go to bed, and even on weekends.  
  • If you can capture the email addresses of your leads, you can stay in contact with them, without having them as friends or followers on your social platforms and continue to nurture them to eventually become paying customers.  

Digital Marketing Myth #7 My company is too small to do digital marketing effectively 

  • This is so not true. Even one-man-band businesses can run successful digital marketing strategies. The trick is to develop a system that works for you and repurpose the content you create. 
  • The script of a video can turn into a blog article. Screenshots from that video can become images for social media posts. And the audio can become a podcast. The options are endless and you don’t need a big team of expensive experts or agencies to create and publish your content.  
  • Digital marketing can even be automated now, so once you create one piece of content, it can virtually be created into multiple other types of content and be published to all your platforms at scheduled times at the click of a button saving loads of time.  

All your efforts regarding digital marketing should be there to complement your amazing products and services and improve the way you find new customers and retain current ones. With the right planning, the digital marketing myths won’t distract you from doing what you need to do to actually operate your business.  

And by the way, if you have a laptop with a webcam or a smartphone, you can do all of this with no extra equipment. Use what you have already, you don’t need anything else to get started.  

So are you online already or looking forward to getting started? Let us know.

If you need help getting started, we’ve got you covered. We want to help empower you to pivot your business so you can succeed online and not get left behind.  

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