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Save time when booking meetings with Calendly

by | 14 Jul 2021 | 0 comments

Did you know that the Calendly meetings booking app allows you to set up meetings with new clients and customers automatically? Gone are the days where you need to ask your clients what times they are available, book the slot in your calendar, set up the online meeting, email the link to them, and basically spend hours trying to set up a meeting. You can get this all done automatically. In this video, I share my secrets on how I get this done in DIGIPIV.


The Calendly app, integrates to your chosen calendar (iCloud, Google Calendar, etc.) all offers customers, clients and colleagues and simple way of booking a meeting with you at times where you are already available. Calendly only shows these users the time slots where you are available and allows them to book a meeting with you. If you set up Calendly with some more advanced features, Calendly will even automatically generate an online meeting (for example, with Zoom or Google Meet) and send the meeting invitation, with the link to your guest. Not only that but you can also ask charge for these bookings and integrate Calendly to your Stripe or PayPal account. That way, when someone books a meeting with you, they will be asked to pay for the session before the meeting is confirmed.


Automating tasks (like booking meetings) can save you several hours every week. At DIGIPIV, we allow people to book a free call to chat with us about their digital marketing challenges so we can help them succeed online. When someone visits this page to book a call, they will be asked to choose a timeslot (they only see times where we are available), have the ability to invite other guests to the meeting, and will automatically be sent a Zoom meeting invitation and link to their email upon confirmation.

We absolutely love automation and use it to automate many tasks and processes here at DIGIPIV. If you’d like to learn more about how you can use automation to save time and save money at your business, book a call to chat with us today.

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