The 3 best premium WordPress themes & why we choose Divi

Premium WordPress themes, provide you with endless possibilities, enhanced functionality, better security, a far superior look and so much more. In this video, I’ll be sharing a few reasons why you want to go premium, 3 of the best premium WordPress themes and why we choose to build with Divi every time.

This is for you if you have a WordPress website and are wanting to upgrade to a high-quality premium WordPress theme. 

Why would you want to invest in a premium WordPress theme in the first place? 

Why go premium?

  1. When you build a WordPress website with a free WordPress theme, you typically get very basic functionality, and not access to the support team. If something goes wrong on your website, you will have to hire an expensive developer to fix your website or create any customization you might need. With a premium WordPress theme, you get access to their support team if anything goes wrong, and way better features and functionality. 
  2. Premium WordPress themes are developed with extended features that you will want for any professional quality website. This can include, form builders, drag-and-drop page builders, sliders and animation options, additional modules for e-commerce websites, built-in learning management systems, and more. The customization options are almost endless, and this allows you to design your website to do and look like anything you want. If you are going to spend money on a website, you going to want to make sure you stick out with a great design and functionality that allows you to grow.
  3. Another important factor is security and stability. WordPress updates are required regularly and your want to make sure your theme is secure and up-to-date to avoid any website crashes or hacks. Developers of premium WordPress themes, keep their themes secure and updated, so you can get the latest functionality and security features at the click of a button.  
  4. Another main reason is that often with free WordPress themes, they don’t allow you to build exactly what you want, so you are forced to install a bunch of incompatible plugins with land up not working, wasting your time and ending with you pulling your hair out or worse.  
  5. Those are just a few reasons why I recommend you go with a premium WordPress theme. Now let’s have a look at 3 of the more popular ones out there.  

Divi theme

  1. Divi is first on our list and many other web developers. It is a feature-rich and highly flexible multipurpose WordPress theme that can build virtually any type of website and includes one of the most powerful drag-and-drop page builders in the market.  
  2. After purchasing the Divi WordPress theme you will gain access to hundreds of amazing layout templates which will get you going quickly with a great looking website. Everything is fully customizable and there is no need to write any code. Although if you do know how to write basic code, you can achieve some pretty incredible things.  
  3. The drag-and-drop page builder is the best and easiest I’ve ever used, and also allows you to save your own templates, layouts and module settings.  
  4. Overall it’s easy-to-use, mobile- and SEO-friendly. The customer support is fast and is always available to help with anything you may need.  
  5. There are a few pricing options to suit your needs. Here at DIGIPIV, we decided to go with the lifetime access option, so now we can use Divi on an unlimited website with free upgrade and support for life.  

X theme

  1. X is another very powerful premium WordPress theme and one we used to use years ago. Even though the theme is powerful, we didn’t like the fact that we had to pay for a new license for each new website we wanted to build with it, and our customers didn’t find it very beginner-friendly when they wanted to make simple changes to the layout or content of their website pages.  
  2. Having said that, it does include an extremely powerful page builder which can create any personal, business or e-commerce website you want to create. 
  3. X also throws in a ton of awesome modules and extensions so you can quickly add additional features and functionality to your website at no extra charge.  
  4. You will need to purchase a license for each new website which includes lifetime updates, but you will also need to pay for additional support after the first 6 months.  

Avada theme

  1. Avada is probably the number one best selling WordPress theme of all time on the Themeforest marketplace. It has a ton of awesome features, functionality and included modules that also offer high customization options.  
  2. The pre-build demos look fantastic and allow you to quickly load a template for your chosen industry and edit it using its powerful page builder tool.  
  3. It’s a really powerful WordPress theme with some amazing features to suit every need.  
  4. However you will need to purchase a license for each new website which includes lifetime updates, but you will need to pay for additional support after the first 6 months.  

Which of these premium WordPress themes do you prefer? Or are there other premium WordPress themes you are considering purchasing? Let me know in the comments. 

Also head over to our services, where you can get more information about our website packages or download our free guides to empower you to pivot your business so you can succeed online and not get left behind.  

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