3 Basic digital marketing strategies to start growing your online presence

If you are not actively trying to create a stronger online presence, as a business owner, you lose out on potential sales and loyal customers. So you have one (a great business that is) and it’s online. Your website is built, looks good, is well populated, well managed but it has one big problem! It isn’t bringing in consistent leads to grow your sales pipeline! Well, then what’s the point of it right? RIGHT! So what are the best digital marketing strategies to start growing your online presence?

A website that isn’t bringing in consistent leads is just not that valuable. I like to think of a website as an online ATM (Automatic Teller Machine). Essentially you can develop a virtual platform that generates consistent sales and cash flow to fuel business growth. The problem is that there are many websites out there that show off the business in a pretty way, but don’t result in tangible or financial gains.

Your website is just another page on the internet. But without a well-defined strategy and good implementation, unfortunately, your business will not generate the leads and sales that it hopes to online. You don’t want to be part of the crowd. You want to be the leader in your industry and the place where your audience comes to for solutions to their needs.

Having a strong online presence is a crucial component of your marketing strategy, no matter what size your business is or what industry it belongs to.

The 3 strategies you need just to get started online

  1. Develop well-defined customer profiles so you clearly understand the exact needs and pain-points of your market. This profiling step must also include research on which digital platforms they frequent.
  2. Build a website that meets modern standards and is user friendly. Also, establish a presence on all the social media platforms that your market enjoys using or typically looks for information.
  3. Map out the customer journey your typical user will take throughout their journey from prospect to customer. Integrate analytics platforms to monitor the marketing metrics that matter so you can track and monitor success along the way.

An online presence is becoming increasingly important as more consumers turn towards online sources of information. If you are reading this blog then I assume you are wanting to either pivot a traditional business to take advantage of the benefits of online marketing, or you have already established an online presence and are now wanting to maximise the benefits and improve your business online.

How DIGIPIV can help you improve your online presence

My question to you is simple. Who is managing all your digital marketing platforms? Who is in control of your website, your blog, your social media, your analytics dashboards, your email marketing and the integration of all these moving parts? Maybe it’s you or your in-house team. So, then what’s the problem?

It could be as simple as a lack of knowledge and skills, on what to do next. I’m not going to lie, digital marketing is tricky. It changes on a regular basis, and the way customers make decisions nowadays seem more random than ever before. If you don’t have highly skilled people behind your digital marketing efforts, you aren’t going to see the results you’d like. This is where DIGIPIV steps in to save the day.

Do it for yourself

Visit our workshops page where we are always uploading bite-sized workshops you can consume to upgrade your skills and learn how to accomplish various digital marketing tasks. If you prefer to employ the guidance of marketing professionals to help define the strategies and implementation plans, as well as get hand-held support throughout your growth journey, then our coaching programs are a great fit for you.

We up-skill your team

Our marketing professionals, work with your team to up-skill them and fill any knowledge gaps they may have. We believe that marketing should be handled inhouse. But this doesn’t mean that the quality of output should be inferior. We help by providing hand-held support to your team, ensuring that marketing strategies are in line with business goals and that implementation is done correctly to achieve success.

We are flexible to your specific needs

We offer one-off, monthly, fortnightly and even weekly coaching sessions. All sessions are held live-online, with the sole focus of providing valuable support to your team. We provide them with assistance, knowledge and support so they can become your companies, digital marketing heroes.

We remain relevant

Your people are busy, and they have loads to manage, we get that. This is why we work closely with them to guide them on what to focus on next, how to implement tasks they are unfamiliar with and define the best strategies to increase sales using the latest marketing technology.

Unlike in the past, when websites were considered as mere electronic brochures. Nowadays, they have the potential of enhancing interaction between businesses and their visitors to their website. A well-defined strategy and good implementation can generate the results you need.

Is your marketing team in need of some help? Seriously, you could do so well online, but your team might not know what or how to get there. We can help you achieve this. Check out our coaching programs for more information or schedule a call to chat with us now. Let us help by providing your team with the support they require.

Elevate Your Digital Presence with Ease

Let Us Handle the Technical Details – Your Success, Our Expertise

Have questions or feeling overwhelmed by the digital realm? Our team of professionals is here to help! Click below so we can help you grow your dream business, save you time, and make you more money.


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