The 4 best types of websites to start

Websites are an expensive yet necessary investment in today’s modern business environment. In this video, I’ll be describing the 4 best types of websites you can start. All 4 website types are easy to develop and implement. You can build it yourself with the help of our FREE guide, or schedule a call with us, to chat about your project needs.

Websites are expensive yet necessary investments, so what type of website should you choose? 

Let’s look at the 4 best types of websites you can start.  

The One-Page Website

  1. This is the perfect website for anyone wanting to get started online, has very little content, or on a tight budget. It is essentially a single, continuously scrolling page. And it can still have a navigation menu in the header section with menu item links to take the user down to a specific section on the page. 
  2. These types of websites also suits very small businesses which don’t have too much content and can easily fit it onto a single page. 
  3. The one page can still have multiple sections for about, products and services, contact details and enquiry forms.  
  4. Of all the website options, it usually the most affordable is still feature-rich and can still be developed to do anything you need it to.  
  5. Many of our small business clients here at DIGIPIV opt for this type of website, as it is a great way to get started online, and is able to be added on to or upgraded in the future.  

The Small Business Website 

  1. For small and medium-sized business, with a larger budget and a need to have individual product and services pages, the small business website is ideal.  
  2. These types of websites are typically 2-10 pages. It has separate pages for home, about, products, services, blog, contact us and more.  
  3. Still feature-rich, this type of website is able to dedicate each page to a single outcome, purpose, or call-to-action. This is great if you would like to have a page dedicate to explaining a specific service offering, with some text, images and video, with a contact or enquiry form on the same page for example. You might want this to happen on several pages, so that is why this type of website is great for that need.  
  4. It costs a little more to develop and also required a little more planning and content information architecture to make the user experience on the website a pleasant one. 

The Membership Website 

  1. A membership website is any type of website which sells memberships, has a user login portal, user account pages, and other user-specific content pages. Other examples can be forum websites, social networks, community portals, online course websites, online directories, etc.  
  2. If you would like a website to manage a community of users, then this is the type of website you are looking for. It’s is similar to the small business website, in that it has multiple pages, but it also has the functionality to allow user registration and login, as well as user account pages.  
  3. These types of websites can be a bit more costly to develop but they are extremely popular and can generate a good monthly passive income if you are offering something of value to your audience.  
  4. Memberships can be free or paid, once-off or subscription-based, that is all up to you.  

The E-Commerce Website 

  1. One of the most popular types of websites today; an income-generating, e-commerce website. All this essentially means, is that your website lists, products and services, which can be added to a shopping cart and bought through your website. Products and services can be physical or digital and sold as once-off purchases or as subscriptions. 
  2. These types of websites will also usually have multiple pages as before including terms and conditions pages or more to cover any policies or details regarding purchasing, fulfilment, returns and refunds.  
  3. Depending on the scope and size of your e-commerce website, this can often be the most expensive to develop. But with a good marketing strategy, development plan and user experience, your e-commerce website can generate income online as soon as it goes live.  
  4. E-commerce websites can be built to sell products and services you produce or fulfil yourself, you can also create a drop-shipping or drop-servicing website that sells products and services which is fulfilled by other companies, and you can even create what is called an online marketplace. This is when you have a website like eBay or Amazon, which allows product and service providers to create a profile on your website and list their own products and services for sales with control of their own pricing as well. When a customer makes a purchase, you earn the money, keep your commission, and pay over the balance to that provider.  

As you can see, the options as to what type of website you can start in 2022 are endless. All are viable options and all serve a purpose. The question, is what is your business goal? So you can design the right website to achieve that outcome.  If you’re ready to start designing we have a fantastic blog teaching you how to build your WordPress website in 30-day.

I would love to answer any questions you may have, so please book a free call to chat about your specific needs.  

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